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※ 1998.08 Shenzhen Qifului Wire Bundle Processing Factory was established
※ 1999.07 Qi Furui wire harness processing plant expanded
※ 2000.04 Qi Furui sample factory, wire harness processing factory obtained UL wire harness certification, number: (harness E226520) (lead E327013)
※ 2001.05 Create a dust-free static environmental protection workshop
※ 2002.06 Introduced Xiamen Yinhua cutting line and crimping terminal equipment
※ 2007.06 Introduced Dongfeng high-power generator set to solve the problem of suspension of production due to sudden power outage
※ 2008.07 Qifurui Industrial Park, Shanghe Connector Industrial Factory was completed and renamed: Shenzhen Shanghe Connector Electronics Co., Ltd./Shangshui Electronics, development system TS16949*ISO9001*QC080000
※ 2009.05 Introduced Yucheng automatic cutting, crimping, immersion tin equipment, CNC cutting equipment
※ 2009.06. Introduced Haoran automatic cutting equipment, STOCKO terminal crimping equipment, KET terminal crimping equipment
※ 2009.08 Introduced heat shrinking and baking CNC equipment
※ 2009.11. Successfully passed the system: TS16949*ISO9001*QC080000 certification
※ 2010.02 Introduced AOKA Ouka terminal cutting surface test equipment
※ 2010.04 2 additional WIK dedicated production lines on the 4th floor
※ 2010.06 Technical Testing Center was established